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Common Types of Crimes That Are a Result of Drug Use

Drug abuse or substance abuse refers to the systematic use of a drug (or any substance) by an individual in such a manner which may result in harm to themselves or to society in general. Drug abuse may start as a fun activity or as a response to peer pressure but if left untreated or uncontrolled, may escalate into a full-fledged debilitating condition. Penalties for drug abuse are quite stringent although it varies from state to state. In case you…

What is the penalty for cocaine possession in Illinois?

Like many states and under federal law, possession of cocaine in Illinois is charged as a felony. Though penalties for possession of cocaine, as opposed to the trafficking or sale of cocaine, are not as great, aggravating factors like weight and/or prior offenses can escalate the severity of punishment greatly. Possession can be defined in one of two ways: actual and constructive. Actual is the most commonly understood form of possession. Actual means having actual physical custody of the cocaine;…

Commercial Driver’s License CDL and DUI

Getting a DUI in Illinois is serious business; it’s even more serious if you have a commercial driver’s license. There are many ways in which people who hold commercial driver’s licenses are held to higher standards with regard to the law throughout the United States. This is especially true with DUIs, and the cost is far greater as a DUI puts in jeopardy your ability to earn a living. First, the law with regard to DUI applies to holders of…

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