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Common Reasons Youth and Teens get Involved in Drug Crimes

Drug use and misuse of narcotics is not a new social ill. Many countries all over the world face this evil and have spent years trying to limit the misuse of drugs. Drug addiction problems lead many to follow a path of drug crimes. Countries have set-up special narcotics teams to limit the misuse of drugs and arrest the users of drug addiction. However, the problem is deep rooted, it will take years until one can safely say that drug…

Teenagers and Drunk Driving

Car and road accidents are a common result of loss of life in most cities. Car accidents happen all the time and there are several reasons behind it. Bad driving, under age driving, speeding, loss of control of the car are a few. Drinking and driving is also a common cause of car accidents. When you drink and drive, your ability to judge distance and speed is affected. Although people who are drunk may believe they have perfect control of…

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