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Police Shooting(s) Attorneys – Chicago, IL

Police are bound by strict rules when it comes to using force or weapons on civilians. If they breach their limits, you can sue them in the court of law. Police shootings are a largely restricted activity and the police are not allowed to shoot except in certain situations.

For instance, police can shoot if the person being arrested puts the life of other people at risk at the site of arrest. They can use their weapon if the suspect threatens to injure or shoot at them. But barring a few situations, the police are required to exercise a lot of caution in the way they use their weapon. If the police shoot in any situation other than a few permitted ones, they can be sued. At the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, we defend people who have been injured unduly in police shootouts.

We help victims of police shootings find justice!

Cases of police shootings are considered to be of the highest degree of police brutality. If proved guilty, the police are punished depending on the extent of injuries that the victim suffers and on the intent of shooting.

Sometimes, innocent people end up sustaining bullet injuries when the police shoot at suspects. If you happen to be an unfortunate victim, we can help you.

When you sustain bullet injuries, you suffer different kinds of losses. In addition to the money you spend on treatment and hospitalization f necessary, you also suffer loss of income during the days when you cannot attend work. Besides, if the injuries result in paralysis or death, the trauma that the family undergoes is immense.

At the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, we undertake extensive research to ensure the reason for the police shooting so that we can build a strong case in your defense. In order to build a defense, we use advance methods such as study of gunshot residue, forensics, ballistics, trajectory of the bullet and DNA evidence if necessary.

Every aspect of the incident is closely considered and we ensure that the victim as well as his or her family is duly compensated for the loss, besides ensuring that the police officer responsible for shooting is punished as per law.

We have demonstrated our expertise in handling cases of police shootings. We have the skill, knowledge and experience to build a strong defense and ensure justice for you.

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