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Proactive Defense in Cases of Assault or Other Violent Crimes

If you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges of assault and battery or other violent offenses, an aggressive defense is often the best strategy. At the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, our attorneys take a proactive approach to the defense of people accused of assault and battery, domestic violence, aggravated assault charges, homicide, attempted murder, and other crimes of violence. Contact us in Chicago to learn how our prompt investigation of the case against you can protect your interests.

Illinois Assault and Battery Defense Attorney

We never forget that the government needs to prove every element of the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Much of our work involves testing the facts that the prosecution intends to use against you, and finding the weaknesses in the government’s theory on the case. Our ability to use this evidence in your favor can lead to dismissal of the case or a significant reduction in your exposure to punishment.

In some situations, we’ll focus on facts that could support a claim of self-defense or provocation. In others, we can point to conflicting witness statements to support a mistaken identity defense. If we can’t expect to shake the prosecution away from a strong position, our ability to focus on sentencing issues can still lead to a positive result, especially if you have no prior record.

Our lawyers represent clients in Chicago, Cook County and communities around the state across the full range of violent offenses. Our objective is to build the right defense under the facts of the case that protects your interests to the greatest extent possible.

Whether you’re charged with simple assault, attempted murder or unlawful use of a weapon, our attorneys use our experience to minimize your exposure to punishment. For more information about our approach to assault cases under Illinois law, contact the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, for a free consultation.

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