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If you are under investigation or indictment for a federal drug crime, sex offense or fraud charge, you’re dealing with an entirely different criminal justice system from the one administered by local county prosecutors or municipal police departments. The investigative practices are different, the charging practices are different, the court rules are different and the sentencing options are different.

Everything else being equal, you’re probably in bigger trouble rules are facing federal charges rather than prosecution under Illinois law. There are fewer ways to divert cases from prosecution under the federal system, and federal sentences tend to be harsher than the penalties for similar offenses charged in state court. Nevertheless, the advice of a defense lawyer who understands the county prosecutors system can help you make the most of your options while protecting you from the worst consequences of a conviction.

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Contact the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, in Chicago to learn about the ways a knowledgeable attorney can work within the federal system to develop and present an effective defense on any charge, whether it involves drugs,conspiracy, fraud, weapons or sex offenses.

Because any federal felony case will originate with a grand jury indictment, there’s a chance that you have been under investigation for weeks, months, or even years before arrest or execution of a search warrant. There is also a possibility that your case was referred by federal prosecutors to the State’s Attorney’s Office in Cook County, Kane County or Will County. If you become aware of an investigation before the grand jury returns an indictment against you, an experienced lawyer can go to work immediately on your behalf.

Contact the Law Office of Robert Kerr for immediate advice on how to deal with interview requests from FBI or DEA officers, or how to respond to the seizure of documents or computers. Our legal team will advise you as to your rights and liabilities while under investigation by, or testifying before a Federal Grand Jury.

Federal criminal defense involves an entirely different set of challenges from those presented by a state prosecution, so it makes sense to work with an attorney who knows how to work on your behalf within the federal system.Contact an Illinois federal drug defense lawyer at the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, to learn more about your options.

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