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Presenting Your Defense in Street or Online Prostitution Cases

At the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, our Illinois criminal defense attorneys help men and women resolve local charges related to the illegal sex industry: prostitution, solicitation or public indecency. If you have been arrested for these crimes or any related offense, contact us in Chicago for a free consultation.

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We represent people accused of engaging in prostitution, soliciting prostitution or operating a prostitution business through Internet solicitation or advertising. These cases can be charged as misdemeanor or felony sex crimes. If your charges are supported by relatively strong evidence, we’ll work toward keeping you eligible for supervision or deferred prosecution and eventual expungement. If we cannot resolve your case on favorable terms otherwise, we have significant experience defending sex cases at trial.

Law enforcement mistakes in undercover investigations and sting operations can open the door to defenses based on entrapment or other irregularities in the prosecution’s evidence. Our ability to spot these errors and use them to our client’s advantage helps us achieve compromise pleas on supervisionable charges, pretrial dismissals and victories at trial.

In addition to defending people charged with prostitution, promoting prostitution and related offenses, we also handle the civil aspects of a case, such as asset forfeiture or vehicle impoundment.

Our Chicago prostitution and solicitation defense lawyers protect the interests of clients in Cook County, the collar counties and other northern Illinois communities. To learn more about our ideas for attacking the charges against you, contact us in Chicago or the suburbs for a free consultation.

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