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Fighting Allegations of Sex Crimes Involving Minors

At the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, we help people resolve criminal charges involving sex offenses of all kinds, including those alleged to involve children or underage victims. No matter how heinous the alleged act, every case deserves careful scrutiny due to these emotionally charged and potentially life-ruining accusations. The anger and emotion of witnesses, victims, family members and prosecutors can also bias opinions and yield unreliable evidence or false accusations.

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Especially when very small children are involved, sex crimes are often prosecuted on the basis of weak, exaggerated or fabricated evidence. Many child care professionals, such as teachers, nurses or social workers, are mandatory reporters under Illinois law, which means that they are obligated to report their suspicions of child sex abuse to the local law enforcement authorities. Unfortunately, law enforcement does not always use its best judgment when evaluating information provided to them by children. Additionally, young witnesses can often be manipulated or misled by adult investigators.

Our attorneys know how to review and evaluate the evidence in child sex crime cases. When it’s in our client’s interest, we work with experts who can evaluate the credibility of a child witness or assess the physical evidence of abuse; the support of consulting or forensic experts can go far to protect the defendant from what could turn into a witch hunt.

We don’t limit our practice to child molestation or sexual assault cases involving very young victims. Our lawyers also represent people facing any of a number of sex crime charges involving victims under 17. These can include:

  • Statutory rape, or consensual sex with a person under 16
  • Consensual sex between underage persons
  • Sex with a person under 17 when the adult is in a position of trust or authority over the alleged victim
  • Charges involving lewd conduct, indecent exposure, fondling or similar offenses
  • Child pornography charges in state or federal court
  • Underage prostitution or solicitation charges
  • Indicated findings of abuse in Illinois DCFS investigations of teachers, day care workers, coaches or others who work with children

Our focus on the facts in sex crime prosecutions and investigations can protect you from a rush to judgment while expanding your options for a favorable result. Contact our office in Chicago or the suburbs for more information about our approach to client service in child sex crime defense.

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