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For many years, asset forfeiture has been a law enforcement tool available to reach the profits and proceeds of unlawful activity of all kinds, most often drug dealing, but also such offenses as prostitution, illegal gambling or any number of white collar crimes.

When property of any kind is believed to represent either the profit of crime or the means by which a crime is committed, the government can seize the property. It’s up to the owner to show that the property was obtained through legitimate income, or that any use in connection with criminal activity was without the owner’s knowledge or permission.

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If you need legal advice about asset forfeiture related to a criminal investigation in Chicago, Cook County or the collar counties, contact a knowledgeable attorney at the Law Office of Robert Kerr. With a practice focused on criminal defense and a commitment to comprehensive client service, we work on behalf of people who risk the loss of property through civil or criminal asset forfeiture proceedings.

Common examples of asset forfeiture involve the seizure of cash or jewelry believed to have been received in exchange for illegal drugs, or the confiscation of motor vehicles connected to drug arrests. Even real estate is subject to asset forfeiture.

Our lawyers have seen a recent increase in asset forfeiture cases related to the execution of search warrants in drug cases. In some cases, it appears that preparing an inventory of personal property subject to potential seizure was just as important an objective as finding the drugs described in the warrant.

The defense attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Kerr can protect your interests in forfeiture cases while defending you on the related criminal charges, or in asset seizure cases where your property was confiscated but you were not charged with a crime.

For additional information about our experience with civil or criminal asset forfeiture in the state or federal courts of northern Illinois, contact us in Chicago or the suburbs for a free consultation.

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