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The Fourth Amendment of the United States constitution puts down strict guidelines for searches and seizures by the police. Basically, search is said to be an action that infringes a person’s privacy as is considered reasonable by the society. Seizure is an action that interferes with a person’s interests in possessing that property. If the police breach the stipulated guidelines and limitations, their action is considered unlawful.

If you feel that your privacy has been breached through search and seizure, or if the police has searched or seized your possessions in an unlawful matter, get in touch with the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC. We’ll take the matter to court and ensure that you get justice for the harassment you face.

Unlawful search and seizure is a complex matter.

The police need to have a warrant in order to search or seize possessions. However, the entire matter is not as simple as it sounds. In some situations, police have the right to search or seize without a warrant. They can raid your home, vehicles or office and conduct a search even without a warrant but there are strict guidelines for these searches as well.

A partly vague phrase like “legitimate expectation of privacy” complicates matters. For example, installing a camera in the restroom of your workplace in order to ‘search’ you is considered an offense. However, raiding your vehicle without a warrant to find drugs might not be considered a breach of privacy.

When such incidents occur, the court considers the situation in totality and decides on the validity of the police action. If the reason for search and seizure is considered invalid, the police can be punished as per the constitution.

Why the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC?

We understand the laws of United States constitution that govern police action. Having been practitioners of law for numerous years, we not only understand the difference between the legal and illegal, but also are aware of the small nuances in the system that can help you get justice.

Court cases, especially the ones involving search and seizure by the police, are seldom straightforward. There are several aspects that need to be considered in order to build a strong defense.

Since we fight against the police by suing them for unlawful search and seizure, we need to be exceedingly careful and guarded while handling the case. At the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, we have the skill, expertise, technical knowledge and experience required to handle such complex litigations.

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