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A criminal conviction on domestic violence charge carries a possible jail sentence and it can negatively affect your career prospects. The issuance of an order of protection against you can cause you great personal inconvenience and lead to the loss of child visitation rights. Attempting to defend yourself at a trial or reason with the judge at a civil hearing is a serious mistake. Representation by an experienced domestic violence defense attorney is essential, if you are to have any chance at all.

At my practice, the Law Offices of Robert Kerr, I defend the rights and freedom of clients accused of criminal charges of domestic violence and spousal abuse. I also represent clients in hearings regarding the issuance of civil orders of protection.

Call 312-955-4400 to arrange for a free consultation. I believe in aggressively defending my clients and will work to develop a strong and effective defense for you.

Defense of Domestic Violence Charges

Many domestic violence charges come about by one spouse seeking to obtain an advantage during a divorce or child custody dispute. Even when an event has happened, the charge may be based on exaggerated claims. Whenever possible, I will provide a strong defense based on the facts, including challenging the testimony of witnesses and the alleged victim.

My goal will be to obtain a dismissal of the charge, a reduced charge, or if necessary, vindication at trial, depending on circumstances.

In other cases, there may be some substance to the victim’s allegations. There may be the possibility of pleading to a reduced charge with a treatment and education program.

Civil Orders of Protection

I also represent clients in civil hearings involving the issuance of civil orders of protection. Many of the same defense techniques used in criminal domestic violence and assault cases can be applied in civil hearings. In these as well as in criminal domestic violence cases, my goal will be to provide the strongest representation possible, while protecting your rights at all times.

For a free consultation with a domestic violence lawyer at the Law Offices of Robert Kerr, call 312-955-4400 or contact us online. I represent clients in the greater Chicago, Illinois area. Attorney Robert Kerr represents clients in the greater Chicago, Illinois area.

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