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Defense Attorneys for Retail Theft Charges in Illinois

There are two main objectives to keep in mind when defending charges of shoplifting or retail theft under Illinois law: keep the case from being charged as a felony, and keep the case eligible for deferred prosecution, supervision and eventual expungement.

Contact the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, to learn how a knowledgeable defense lawyer can protect your interests in a shoplifting case. Our ability to investigate and evaluate the evidence against you while concentrating on the two main objectives can help you find a path toward a favorable outcome.

The first line of defense in a retail theft case is to measure the strength of the prosecution’s evidence: Can the state prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt? We consider all of the evidence, not just the summary version in the police reports.

Whether the proof consists of surveillance video, exit scanner alarm records, return receipts, eyewitness testimony or your own admissions, we can develop a good idea of the problems the prosecution might encounter in getting the evidence into the record.

Retail theft of property valued at $150 or less is typically charged a misdemeanor. However, if you have a prior conviction — even a misdemeanor conviction — for any type of theft, robbery, armed robbery, burglary, residential burglary, possession of burglary tools, or home invasion, then the current case, no matter how small, may be charged as a felony retail theft.

If you will not be facing the risk of felony punishment on the current charge, however, you’ll have more options for such results as theft school, deferred prosecution and eventual dismissal, or even a trial on the merits.

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Our lawyers advise clients about the best available defenses for such retail theft charges as misdemeanor or felony shoplifting, return receipt fraud or retail employee theft. For a free consultation about your defense options, contact an Illinois shoplifting defense attorney at the Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC, in Chicago.

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