Can I Keep a Drug Charge Off My Child’s Permanent Record?

Any parent would not want his or her child to have a permanent criminal mark on their record due to a poor choice a child made at a young age. A mark on a child’s record can impact your child’s future. It can make it difficult to get a job, and can make it difficult to obtain student loans and the extension of credit or financing. We work fiercely to protect your child’s future and aggressively work to give your child the best defense possible based on the circumstances and Illinois law.

Protecting Children from a Permanent Criminal Record

When your child’s future is at stake, it is important that you seek the legal advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and ability to help protect his or her best interests. We have helped many children and minors who were facing drug charges ranging from possession to drug sales and distribution. We know and understand these complex areas of juvenile law, and we know what it takes to protect your child’s future.

We Provide the Strongest Defense Possible in Your Child’s Drug Charge Case

Based on the drug charge, the possibility exists that your child could be charged as an adult. We do everything in our power to keep your child’s case in juvenile court. We argue for rehabilitation over jail time and focus our efforts on working to ensure your child has the best future possible.

If your child has been arrested for a criminal offense, it is crucial that you contact us immediately for guidance and legal support. Our years of experience and knowledge advocating on your behalf will give your child the strongest defense possible. Call or email us today for a free consultation and case review.

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