Does a Drug Conviction Mean That I Will Have To Spend Time in Jail?

People who have been arrested for a drug charge often worry that a drug crime conviction will result in incarceration or jail time. This may or may not be that case based on your individual case and circumstances. We work aggressively to provide you with the strongest defense possible for complex drug crime cases.

The facts show that once someone is incarcerated / serves jail time, the chance for rehabilitation becomes far less likely. Drug crimes and charges come in varying degrees and varieties. A first time offender for marijuana possession would not face the same penalties and consequences as someone arrested for a substantial amount of narcotics within their possession. We work swiftly and diligently to have your charge dismissed entirely or reduced to a lesser charge. The factors and circumstances in criminal defense law and drug crimes can be very complex. An attorney with drug crime experience and knowledge can guide you towards the best course of action based on the facts of your case and the law.

So, if you are convicted of a drug crime, will you be sentenced to jail time?

The answer depends of a number of factors and the specific circumstances of your case. Have you had a prior drug conviction? How severe are your drug charges? The ability of your defense lawyer to fight the charges based on the individual circumstances of your case? As a simple example – often times, first-time offenders convicted of a misdemeanor can serve probation instead of jail time.

A major strength of our law firm involves our familiarity with the different diversion and treatment programs in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Even when the original charges expose you to a significant risk of punishment, our attorneys can find ways to resolve your case through any of the many options available in Illinois, including drug court, drug school, theft school, supervision, special probation and other alternatives to conviction or incarceration. In addition, many of these options will keep your case eligible for expungement. We can advise you about their availability in your situation.

We understand the level of stress and concern surrounding these situations and the possibility of jail time will leave much uncertainty in your life. We will work to provide you with the strongest defense possible and will work to help you avoid incarceration and jail time. Call or email us today for a free consultation and case review.

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