Under Investigation for a Serious Crime?

Our attorneys work tirelessly to help you avoid a conviction and jail time.

The most critical time to contact an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is when you are under investigation or if you think you may be a suspect. You may sense something, or maybe something just doesn’t seem right. If something appears like a red flag, it is imperative that you seek a lawyer and legal counsel BEFORE you are charged with a crime or arrested.

Under an Investigation, the police and law enforcement is aggressively looking for evidence

Whether you are aware or unaware of the fact that you are being investigated, it is important to understand that police and investigators will investigate tirelessly to gather the necessary evidence to build a case against you. They need this evidence to proof you are guilty.

Normally law enforcement officials DO NOT investigate individuals in regards to their criminal involvement unless they have some information or evidence which has led them to you. Police or the authorities may just want to see what you know, or get your side of the story, etc… Protect your rights and consult with an attorney at our firm.

What else can you do?

  • Don’t panic or act without thought.
  • DO NOT grant an informal meeting or discussion with the authorities.
  • DO NOT speak to the police or law enforcement.
  • DO NOT speak to anyone about the situation– friends and family included. We will consult you on the best course of action.
  • You HAVE the RIGHT to remain silent.
  • If you think you are under investigation, AGAIN – consult with an attorney BEFORE any charges are set against you.
  • Be proactive and take ACTION earlier than later by contacting a qualified criminal defense lawyer ASAP. The sooner we are involved – the better.

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