Chicago couple charged with forcing teens into prostitution

Sex crimes are often prevalent in society, and, unfortunately, are often perpetrated upon minors. A person facing a sexual assault charge soon realizes that a conviction may mean several years in jail and permanent registry with the state as a sexual offender. A recent case in Chicago highlights the fact that such cases can become public rather quickly. And when the public knows, all sorts of accusations can fly.

A couple was charged with forcing two teen minors into prostitution. They were also charged with sexually assaulting the teens. According to reports, the male in the couple had met one of the girls while riding public transportation. He met another girl in his South Chicago neighborhood. Prosecutors argued that the man allegedly forced the girls to have sex with him while his girlfriend held the girls down. The couple also apparently used the girls as prostitutes to make money.

The couple denied the charges. The man stated that besides robbing people, he did not commit any other crimes. According to the man’s girlfriend, the prostitution was the girls’ idea and the man was given money for acting as their bodyguard. But the girls claimed that they were threatened about what would happen if they didn’t comply. The couple was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and involuntary servitude of a minor.

When allegations of sexual assault are false or when a police investigation results in an innocent person being charged with a sex crime, it may be very important to move quickly to reduce the damage such an accusation can have on a person’s life. In a case like this, where it’s relying on people’s words against others, it’s possible that a wrongful conviction could be made.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Couple charged with assault, forcing girls into prostitution,” Melissa Jenco, Feb. 10, 2013

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