Common Reasons Youth and Teens get Involved in Drug Crimes

Drug use and misuse of narcotics is not a new social ill. Many countries all over the world face this evil and have spent years trying to limit the misuse of drugs. Drug addiction problems lead many to follow a path of drug crimes. Countries have set-up special narcotics teams to limit the misuse of drugs and arrest the users of drug addiction. However, the problem is deep rooted, it will take years until one can safely say that drug use is not a problem anymore. There are several reasons why people resort to drug use and moreover several reasons why the youth get involved in drug crimes to support their habit. Read on to know of some of the more common reasons.

Peer Pressure

High school students may be susceptible to drug use because of their impressionable minds. It is common for many high schools to host regular seminars on drug misuse. These seminars are conducted to also increase awareness. Sometimes professional criminal defense law attorneys may be hired to talk to students about drug use and their social implications. In high schools, young teenagers are exposed to peer pressure. Some students who have already experimented with drugs will portray a ‘cool’ image and try to involve their peers too. This is where the problem begins. Once drug use leads to addiction, young students who have limited access to money will end up stealing or being involved in drug crimes to support the habit.

Family Problems

Sometimes, a good student with a good academic record may end up using drugs due to family problems. If the family is going through tough times regarding inter-personal relationships or financial problems, the young student may be affected too. As a result, he or she may start looking for other outlets or ways to deal with these pressures that are now part of his life. By getting involved in drugs, he may find a temporary relief not realizing that over use will affect him and lead to addiction or drug crimes too.


Many young students go through a state of depression when they hit puberty. It is important to watch out for the signs and keep an eye on your child as a result. The confusions of growing up, pressure of doing well in school and so many other things may affect their state of mind. As a result, they may be susceptible to drug use. It is important to counsel your child when he is reaching the adolescent stage in order to create and awareness. By talking to your child about drug use and related drug crimes, you will help create a situation wherein he knows how bad a decision using drugs could turn out to be. If you are uncomfortable speaking to your child about drug use, you can hire a professional to talk to your child.

No Supervision

You may want to treat your child like an adult once he or she reaches High School, but this too needs to be done with caution. Without proper supervision, your child can start using drugs due to peer influence or pressure. This can lead to drug crimes in the future as well.

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