Fbi sting in the chicago-area leads to major drug charges

Drug-related charges can dramatically impact those suspected of trafficking or possessing controlled and illegal substances. Law enforcement often investigates suspects for some period of time before a major sting or raid operation, and large operations are likely to ensnare those who are not complicit or only minor players. Those facing drug charges should seek to understand the evidence and charges. In many cases, it is possible that the charges may be lessened or evidence suppressed.

More than 30 Chicago-area men and women were either arrested or are considered fugitives from the FBI and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration after a major operation netted the alleged leaders of two drug trafficking operations and a large number of their subordinates. The FBI has concluded that the two operations are separate entities, though each allegedly supplied the other’s group with cocaine at varying times. The alleged leaders of the operations are a 29-year-old man and a 39-year-old male.

According to the federal government, three search warrants were simultaneously served. Suspects were arrested in other states as well as in the Chicago area. The government claims to have confiscated more than 2 kilograms of cocaine, weapons and $176,800 in cash.

Sixteen of the defendants are accused of conspiracies to possess and distribute cocaine, which could result in $10 million in fines and a life sentence. The remaining defendants face imprisonment for up to 40 years and fines of up to $5 million.

The handling of the evidence, the methods used to gain intelligence and many other factors can contribute to the creation of a solid defense. Knowing that you are the target of a federal investigation should lead you to immediately consult with an attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Source: The Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Thirty-Nine Alleged Associates of Two Chicago-Area Drug Trafficking Organizations Facing Federal Narcotics Charges,” Jeff Collins, Oct. 1, 2012

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