Northern illinois student sexually assaulted

A sexual assault conviction can lead to severe penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence and registration as a sexual offender. A sexual assault charge may also result in considerable social stigma even if it does not result in a conviction, so it is important for those accused to understand all of their defense options.

DeKalb, Illinois, police are investigating an alleged sexual assault that occurred on Oct. 26 at around 3 a.m. The campus police at Northern Illinois University received the complaint from an NIU student, who claimed she was assaulted along Normal Road.

The student reported her assailant as being a black male in a dark shirt and jeans, according to the DeKalb police. She received treatment for injuries at a nearby hospital. Police stated that the description of the assailant is poor because the area was poorly lit, so the police are on the lookout for any video recordings of the assault or surrounding area at the time.

DeKalb police also issued a news bulletin regarding the safety of residents. The bulletin stated that everyone should always carry a cell phone for emergency use and they should keep their drinks with them when they are at a party.

With such a poor description given of the alleged assailant, it’s important that police don’t stereotype and arrest the wrong person. And it’s important that the alleged victim just doesn’t point the finger at someone. While the person responsible should be held accountable, it wouldn’t be fair or honest to try and arrest someone just to arrest someone.

Source: Daily Chronicle, “NIU student sexually assaulted early Friday,” Caitlin Mullen, Oct. 27, 2012

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