Northwest Indiana Sees Increase In Violent Crimes from Drug Turf Wars

The city of Gary, IN – according to ABClocal has seen a large uptick in violent crimes do to turf wars involving people coming in from Chicago. Lake County Indiana has started a massive crime sweep to combat this.

Last year Gary saw its murder rate skyrocket, the violence fueled in part by an influx of gang members from Chicago hoping to expand the drug trade.

Around 6:00 p.m. a vehicle is stopped along i-80/94.

“This is the main corridor for drug trafficking,” Buncich said.

A search of the trunk turns up this cardboard box and after closer inspection several packages of drugs are discovered.

A field test reveals it’s cocaine, 25 pounds worth, the street value around half a million dollars.

“Probably they’re heading south,” said Buncich. “They could be going to Indianapolis or Detroit.”

The driver from Chicago is taken into custody. He and others processed in a makeshift command center in Gary.

The traffic stops continue yielding more outstanding warrants and suspected drug buyers.

It’s been a very productive night.

“The narcotics we’re seizing, the firearms, these things you don’t want on the street,” Buncich said.

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