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What You Can Expect from Your Criminal Defense Attorney

The experience of being pressed with criminal charges and the legal hassles that come along with it can be difficult to endure. You need someone who can defend you vigorously and protect your legal rights. No one do that better than a skilled criminal defense attorney. A criminal charge can impact several aspects of your life negatively – your job, your housing application, even your credit card application. It is not worth risking all of this. The decision of choosing…

Man arrested on drug charges after police search

Drug arrests often occur because of a police search or a police hunch. If the police suspect illegal behavior is taking place, then they often have the probable cause needed to search a person or a car. In a recent Illinois case, a Chicago man was arrested on drug charges after being searched by police. According to police, they saw the man driving a vehicle. One of the police officers had apparently dealt with the man before and knew that he did…

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