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How to Fight a Drug Possession Charge

Whether you have a small amount of a recreational drug on your person, or a larger quantity for distribution, there are circumstances where you can fight a drug possession charge and create reasonable doubt sufficient enough to reduce your sentencing. In all cases in the United States it is illegal to possess any amount of an illicit substance. That can also include selling medications that are prescribed to others, for recreational purposes. This article will explain how drugs are classified…

52 people arrested on drug charges, police continue arrests

Police departments will frequently work undercover to catch people committing crimes. While these operations can be small or large, they are very effective in obtaining arrests. In a recent undercover operation, the Elgin police department worked for more than a year to catch suspected drug dealers who were providing heroin to DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Kane and Cook counties. As a result of this investigation more than 80 people are facing drug charges. This massive operation was the result of cooperation between…

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