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Top Defenses Against Criminal Charges That You Should Know About

Whether you have been charged with the possession of a controlled substance or illicit drug, or with trafficking with the intention to sell or distribute drugs illegally, there are a number of legal defenses that can help you reduce the severity of sentencing, particularly if it is a first time offense. As a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, our firm has seen decades of cases and designed strategic defense plans to serve our clients.  We’ll review some of the key…

Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink and Drive This Weekend

The prevalence of drinking and driving in the state of Illinois is staggering. When you consider that the penalties for a DUI charge can involve a fine, vehicle impoundment, a suspended driver’s license for a year or more as well as imprisonment, it’s difficult to understand why anyone would take the risk and get behind the wheel when they are impaired. Nonetheless every year thousands of people in the state choose to engage in the life-threatening activity. Not only is…

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