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Prosecutors lack evidence in sexual assault case

On behalf of Law Office of Robert Kerr, LLC posted in Sexual Assault on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. When police investigate a crime, they are looking for evidence that can be used against the suspect during criminal proceedings. There has to be enough evidence that a Chicago prosecutor can try to obtain a guilty verdict — which requires proof that a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If police and prosecutors do not have enough evidence, or some evidence is excluded from the…

Man denied bond after sexual assault allegations

Sexual assault charges are very serious in Chicago. They can lead to extreme punishments that have life-long effects. These ramifications can start from the moment a person faces allegations of sexual assault. For one 26-year-old man, these consequences have started the moment he was arrested. According to police, the man broke into a home on Chicago’s Southside by using a garbage can. Once in the house, police claim that the man grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went to…

Chicago firefighters fight allegations of sexual assault

When people are accused of sexual assault, they face harsh consequences including having to register on the sex offender registry. With such high stakes, people may feel like they do not have any choice but to negotiate with prosecutors and agree to a plea deal. However, Illinois residents facing a criminal sexual assault charge should understand that they have criminal defense options and they do not need to automatically agree to a plea deal. In many situations, there are defenses available that…

Illinois boy scout leader accused of sexual assault

There are certain types of crimes that have a serious effect from the moment the charges are brought. While everyone is supposed to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, with these crimes people are often judged from moment allegations surface. Sexual assault charges against a child fall into this category. When someone is accused of child sexual assault they face immediate consequences and are sometimes unfairly labeled by the media as a sexual predator. Furthermore, sexual assault charges carry other serious…

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