Why Is It So Important to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney?

Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you can prove overwhelming and stressful. Still, finding the most accomplished lawyer is the best decision you can make as your case progresses. We have compiled a guide on retaining the best criminal defense lawyer and the red flags that you should be aware of. When you come across the following behaviors, proceed with care!

Lawyers that employ scare tactics

It goes without saying that criminal charges have severe ramifications, including permanent criminal convictions and possible jail time. Nevertheless, your lawyer’s responsibility is to help you navigate the legal system and not make it stressful. In case a lawyer bullies or scares you into retaining them to handle your case, this can negatively affect the case later on.

Attorneys that pressure you into signing a contract

Typically, it is common for lawyers to have a retainer agreement with potential clients when negotiating. After all, clients must grasp the extent and nature of the contract. Still, making the decision on which lawyer to retain should never be rushed. It is recommended to meet a few lawyers before settling on one. Like attorneys who employ scare tactics, those that pressure you to sign them up show bullying behavior that can prove problematic down the line.

Promises that are too good to be true

There is an old saying that ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.’ Many lawyers promise clients that they will get charges dropped even without checking out the intricacies of the case first. Although a seasoned criminal defense lawyer can get a case dismissed, always be careful of attorneys who guarantee such definite results. Sadly, some lawyers will tell you what you need to hear to get your case. As long as lawyers are willing to be dishonest before you even hire them, chances are they will continue to do so throughout the case.

Attorneys who boast about knowing the judge or prosecutors handling your case

To be fair to the lawyers, it helps if they are acquainted with local prosecutors, judges, and court officials. To a certain extent, it makes sense that a strong relationship with a certain judge or prosecutor can help. Nonetheless, it is highly inappropriate to say that a client will receive a better verdict simply because the lawyer knows the judge or prosecutor handling the case.

What steps to take when you come across an attorney with these behaviors?

In many cases, lawyers who exhibit such tendencies in the consultation will most likely display the same problematic behavior down the road. This is why we reiterate that it is advisable to meet with multiple attorneys before making your choice. It is in your best interest to feel confident and comfortable with the lawyer you choose to handle your case. And the best way is to look out for any warning signs in the consultative stages to avoid making a decision you will regret.


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