Chicago-area woman arrested on second dui charge

It’s a fact of life — no one is perfect and people make mistakes. One common mistake people make is getting behind the wheel of a car without realizing that they have had too much to drink. When this happens, drunk driving charges can easily follow. While first-offense DUI charges are serious, DUI charges for subsequent drunk driving arrests can be even more severe. For example, in Illinois if a person has two prior DUI charges then any subsequent DUI charge will be a felony DUI.

One Chicago-area woman is now dealing with a repeat DUI charge. In this case, the woman had previously been arresting for DUI in 2012. In that case, her driver’s license had been suspended. Recently, police claim that they pulled over this woman for speeding in the early morning hours. At the time of this stop, police say that a breathalyzer showed that this woman’s blood alcohol level was at .155 percent which is above the state’s legal limit.

Therefore, police arrested the woman. According to police, at the time of the arrest, the woman said she was out celebrating the face that her driver’s license was about to be reinstated from the first DUI. Furthermore, police claim that the woman was driving in a car without an ignition interlock device which was required because of her first DUI charge.

This woman now faces a new set of punishments for DUI. This case illustrates why it is so important for people to take their DUI charges seriously. Once people face a single DUI charge any mistake they make in the future can seriously impact their lives and could result in long jail sentences and heavy fines.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Police: DUI charge for woman celebrating end of earlier DUI suspension,” May 4, 2013

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