Chicago television host arrested on sexual assault charges

Charges of sexual abuse against a child can irreparably damage a person’s reputation — especially if that person is in the spotlight. For one Chicago television host, a sexual assault charge may do just that. The 53-year-old man has been the host of a popular Hispanic music television show in which he interviews stars who are touring in Chicago. The show has aired on Saturdays for the last 15 years.

Recently, this man has been arrested and is being held on a $500,000 bond for child sex abuse. According to reports, the man — who is also a musician — was giving private music lessons to an 11-year-old girl. Police claim that during these lessons, which started last summer, the man would touch the girl inappropriately. The police claim that this happened on several occasions. The police also allege that the man took semi-naked pictures of the girl during these lessons.

Many have expressed shock and disbelief when they heard the news of the man’s arrest. The man has no criminal record and has had no past run-ins with the law. While this man has been arrested, people need to remember that he should be treated as innocent until proven guilty. However, without the right help, this is easier said than done. This man, and all those accused of sexual assault, needs to take steps to proactively protect his constitutional rights.

Protecting constitutional rights should be just one part in a comprehensive criminal defense strategy. As a suspected first time offender, the man may want to plan a different approach in his defense. He may have defense options available to him that would not be available to those with a previous criminal record. By exploring these options, those accused of sexual assault can mitigate the damage done by the charges.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Sexual assault charges lodged against TV host,” Rosemary Regina Sobol, May 9, 2013

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