Chicago man faces sexual assault charges

Sexual assault charges can result in lengthy prison sentences, and a conviction can mean facing the stigma of registering as a sex offender. It is important for anyone facing sexual assault charges to understand all legal options available to them in order to mount a strong criminal defense. One Chicago man is currently facing charges for allegedly assaulting a 19-year-old woman at her place of work.

The 27-year-old man has been charged with four felony counts, one of which is aggravated criminal sexual assault. Police say that the attack occurred on Dec. 4 at approximately 8:00 a.m. They allege that the man entered a salon in the Chicago suburb of Niles just after it opened.

The man is accused of dragging the woman into a storeroom on the premises and sexually assaulting her. Police reported that the man was wearing a mask to cover the lower half of his face. After the assault, he allegedly dragged the woman to the front of the business, demanding to know where cash was kept. Another man walked in for an appointment and witnessed the alleged struggle. The customer reportedly yelled at the alleged attacker. He and the woman called police once outside the store, and the witness pursued the alleged attacker in his car.

The witness lost sight of the man, but police arrested him using witness statements and vehicle surveillance. He was allegedly identified in a suspect lineup, although one could argue that there needs to be more evidence than this to secure a conviction.

The alleged attacker faces one count each of kidnapping, unlawful restraint, attempted aggravated robbery and aggravated criminal sexual assault.

Source: Patch.com, “Man charged with sexual assault of 19-year-old woman,” Pam DeFiglio, Dec. 7, 2012

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