Man sentenced to 45 years for dui conviction

Drivers who have been convicted of multiple DUIs can face severe punishments. One Chicago man recently received a sentence of 45 years after he was convicted of his eighth DUI. Because punishments for driving under the influence range from license suspension to prison time, those accused of DUI should have a full understanding of their legal rights to get the best outcomes possible.

The 48-year-old Chicago man was convicted of aggravated DUI in an October bench trial and was sentenced last week. Because of his previous record, his prison sentence could have been anywhere from six to 60 years in length; in this case, the judge sentenced him to 45 years of jail time.

The man’s latest DUI incident occurred in Rantoul, Illinois, on July 29, when the defendant was driving on Veterans Parkway early one morning. A police officer allegedly saw the man’s SUV veer over the center line into the center turn lane. The police officer pulled the man over and later said that he found the driver had bloodshot eyes and was slurring his speech. The police officer also claimed to smell alcohol on the driver’s breath, and the driver allegedly admitted he had been drinking earlier that night. A breath test revealed that his blood alcohol content was 0.15 percent, almost double the legal limit.

Cases such as this one show the importance of knowing about the appropriate legal rights after a DUI accusation. When facing harsh potential penalties such as long jail times, people should be sure to understand DUI laws to best protect themselves.

Source: The News-Gazette. “Chicago man convicted of eighth DUI gets 45 years,” Mary Schenk, Dec. 17, 2012

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