Illinois man indicted on multiple drug charges

As drug charges can carry serious consequences, a vigorous defense is often the best way to resolve a drug case. It is critical for anyone facing drug charges to fully understand all available legal options to avoid a conviction. One Illinois man knows this all too well, as he faces several drug charges stemming from a recent traffic stop.

The 29-year-old man, from Marquette Heights, Illinois, was arrested after police allegedly found drug paraphernalia and money on him during a traffic stop. Court records indicate that the man was a passenger in a car pulled over because of a loud exhaust system. Police claimed to find a digital scale, 22 containers containing drugs, five pipes, a cannabis grinder and $729 in cash. The items were allegedly found in the man’s hat and backpack as well as in the vehicle.

A grand jury indicted the man on several charges, including unlawful possession of marijuana, methamphetamine and a misbranded drug product, in this case, the synthetic form of methamphetamine known as “bath salts,” with intent to deliver.

The man was originally indicted on August 16 on just the charge of unlawful possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. He is due back in court on January 10.

Drug possession charges can result in serious consequences for the accused. It’s important that he learn whether the other person in the car is facing charges or has been offered a deal by prosecutors in exchange for testimony against the suspect.

Source: PJStar.com, “Man indicted on drug charges,” Dec. 25, 2012

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