Former stepson of white sox executive charged with sexual assault

Criminal charges of any kind can have a negative impact on both the personal and professional lives of a defendant. An individual facing a sexual assault charge could face the prospect of a possible prison sentence, registration as a sex offender and social stigma associated with the crime.

As readers in Chicago may have heard, the former stepson of one of the executives with the Chicago White Sox made an appearance in a Chicago bond court recently. He was held on $150,000 bond after being charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, criminal sexual assault and unlawful restraint. If he is released on bond he will have to submit to electronic monitoring.

The alleged incident occurred at the Palmer House hotel, where the defendant and his ex-girlfriend had been attending an event.

According to a statement from a Cook County assistant state’s attorney, guests staying at the hotel allegedly heard a voice, which originated from the defendant’s hotel room, screaming for help numerous times. The defendant was arrested by the police at his home. The alleged victim reported the incident after she was brought to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Charges involving sexual assault can often be complex due to unreliable statements from an alleged victim and lack of evidence. While no one wants to discount someone’s story, it’s important that their account of the alleged incident is credible, because someone could go to jail over false allegations.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Ken Williams’ former stepson charged with sexual assault,” Stefano Esposito, Jan. 14, 2013

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