Three suburban chicago police detectives face drug, theft charges

Individuals arrested for drug crimes can face stiff sentences if convicted. Anyone facing drug charges should be fully aware of all legal rights available under local laws. This is especially true for those in positions of authority, such as police officers. Three Chicago-area police officers are facing serious drug charges after being arrested in mid-January.

The detectives at the heart of the case have been charged with several counts, including official misconduct, criminal drug conspiracy, the manufacturing and delivering of illegal drugs, armed violence and theft. They are each being held on a $750,000 cash bond.

A man questioned by authorities in suburban Carol Stream indicated he was an informant for the three Schaumburg detectives. He was accused of involvement in an incident involving a storage locker found to contain 10 ounces of cocaine. The man allegedly told the police in Carol Stream that the three detectives had been stealing drugs and cash from local drug dealers and that he was selling the seized drugs.

The three Schaumburg police detectives are currently on administrative leave. The local government will be conducting its own investigation into the matter.

When drug charges are coupled with other charges, as they are in this case, the situation becomes quite complex. Anyone being investigated for a drug offense or who is facing a drug arrest should weigh all available legal options, including testifying against a conspirator in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Source: Examiner.com, “Three Chicago-area narcotics detectives arrested on drug charges,” Scott Paulson, Jan. 19, 2013

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