Investigation leads to 23 arrests on drug charges in chicago

Officials from several different local, state and federal agencies are all responsible for investigating drug crimes. They are each tasked with carrying out investigations, gathering evidence and making arrests. Sometimes these agencies are looking to arrest those with the intent to distribute drugs and other times they are looking to arrest drug users.

In a recent Chicago case, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Chicago Police department worked together to investigate and arrest people suspected of drug distribution. According to police, the investigation took several months and took place in three different states. As a result of the investigation, 23 people are facing federal drug charges.

Police claim that these people were all engaged in trafficking narcotics in three separate locations in Chicago. During the investigation and the subsequent arrests, the officials allege that they obtained drugs, weapons and cash from the suspects.

This case acts as an important reminder to Chicago residents that police are always using their vast resources to track down people who are selling drugs. In particular, the authorities are looking to keep drugs off the streets and therefore try to find the source of the drugs. These investigations typically yield a lot of evidence, much of which can be used in court against those accused.

Those people charged with drug distribution can face serious penalties. These penalties can include fines, jail or prison sentences and others. In order to avoid these penalties, people should prepare an aggressive criminal defense. When many people are arrested at the same time, it is possible that the police just arrested and charged someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. By defending against the charges, people are able to tell their side of the story and may see reduced penalties as a result.

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