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Investigation leads to 23 arrests on drug charges in chicago

Officials from several different local, state and federal agencies are all responsible for investigating drug crimes. They are each tasked with carrying out investigations, gathering evidence and making arrests. Sometimes these agencies are looking to arrest those with the intent to distribute drugs and other times they are looking to arrest drug users. In a recent Chicago case, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Chicago Police department worked together to investigate and arrest people suspected of drug distribution. According to…

Federal prosecutors bring charges in cyber crime ring

In what is being lauded as the biggest cyber crime in the history of the United States, federal prosecutors have brought charges in a cyber crime ring that reportedly cost companies over $300 million. The suspects allegedly hacked into companies in order to commit credit card fraud. Five people have been charged in the spree and two men are in custody. The investigation has been building for many years. Companies attacked by the hackers include some well-known names like J.C.…

Man arrested after chicago police find $10 million worth of drugs

Chicago police have arrested a man after finding $10 million worth of drugs in his possession. According to police, the man is a known gang member. The drugs were apparently found during a search of his home. Police allege that they found around 50 pounds of marijuana and large amounts of crystal methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. In addition to the drugs, police say the 33-year-old had $47,000 in cash in his home. Two handguns were also found during the search.…

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