Man arrested after chicago police find $10 million worth of drugs

Chicago police have arrested a man after finding $10 million worth of drugs in his possession. According to police, the man is a known gang member. The drugs were apparently found during a search of his home. Police allege that they found around 50 pounds of marijuana and large amounts of crystal methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.

In addition to the drugs, police say the 33-year-old had $47,000 in cash in his home. Two handguns were also found during the search. Finally, police say they found three cars at the man’s home — two of which the police accuse the man of using to transport drugs.

As a result of the search, the man will likely face multiple drug charges. He was being held by police pending a bond hearing.

While it may seem like the evidence is stacked against this man that might not be the case. Here the police searched his home. As part of his criminal defense, this man should ensure that this search was legally conducted.

In order for the search to be legal, the police likely needed a search warrant. This search warrant would have defined where the police could have searched. If the police did not obey the scope of the warrant, the entire search may be invalid. By working to suppress evidence found in the search, this man may be able to reduce the charges he faces.

This will be important since penalties for drug distribution or possession with intent to sell can be severe. They may include asset forfeiture, large fines and long prison sentences. These crimes can leave people with permanent criminal records which can make it difficult for people to move forward from the charges.

Source: Belleville News-Democrat, “Chicago police seize $10M worth of drugs, guns,” Sept. 7, 2013

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