Sexual assault allegation leads to des plaines man’s arrest

A bond hearing for a 45-year-old Des Plaines, Illinois, man charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl was held on Oct. 15 at Cook County Circuit Court. The man is facing the charges because of an incident that took place at his home on Elmhurst Road.

According to authorities, the man who has been accused of the sex crime invited the girl to his home, where he allegedly raped the girl.

The alleged victim of the sexual assault did not report the crime herself. The report came about due to the girl’s teach snagging a note that was passed between the girl and a friend during a class. The note allegedly mentioned the rape. The teacher informed authorities of the rape allegation, and the man was arrested on Oct. 12. His bond has been set at $300,000.

The allegations were sufficient to begin the investigation that led to his arrest, but a conviction will require evidence that may be difficult to obtain due to the elapsed time between the alleged assault and the report.

A sexual assault charge is a serious one in Illinois, often punishable by a long prison sentence followed by registration as a sex offender. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, though, and with a vigorous defense, charges may be reduced or dismissed depending on the details of the case. While no one wants to doubt the girl’s story, the man’s life also hangs in the balance. Credible evidence must be offered.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Des Plaines man charged with sexually assaulting girl, 13,” George Houde, Oct.15, 2012

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